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Vidavi. Handcrafted lamps and lampshades made in Spain.

Vidavi Iluminación is a Spanish brand lighting, based in Valencia, dedicated to the design and manufacture of handcrafted lamps and lampshades. From its inception to the present day, its aim has always been to promote and improve its craft designs always made with the best raw materials to achieve a result of the highest quality, 100% Spanish and handmade.

Handcraft Spanish lighting manufacturer

In Vidavi you will find both classic design products and more modern designs adapted to the new trends that the market demands. Lampshades and lamps totally handcrafted made with the best fabrics such as linen, silk, organza, percalines, charoles, raffia, sackcloth. They are made by a team with extensive experience and creative capacity, innovation, imagination and differentiation.

Artisan lamps and lamshades from Spain

In we wanted to highlight a beautiful collection of lamps both classic and more modern style, ideal for the youngest of the house, babies or small children and also more the modern and contemporary decoration. A wide variety of floor, pendant or table lamps is available. We want to emphasize that all the lamps are 100% Spanish, handcrafted and of the highest quality. This also allows a great flexibility of finishes, colours and customisation on request.

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