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For more than 60 years, the Australian brand Martec has provided LED lighting and fans at affordable and competitive prices, with designs that bring quality, comfort and functionality to the end consumer. Martec is known for generating value for society and the environment, with energy efficient products and a long life span. To achieve this energy saving in its products, Martec is constantly incorporating new developments in its design processes, also using high quality materials and components. 90% of its products have Tricolor LED technology, which allows light to be regulated between three color temperatures.

Ceiling Fans

Martec offers a wide variety of ceiling fans, designed in accordance with its commitment to innovation, high quality and respect for the environment. Ceiling fans with light and without light, fans with ultra silent DC motor with high performance and low consumption, fans with summer/winter function for use throughout the year; and even fans designed for installation in outdoor areas.

Ceiling fans with light

All LED ceiling fans from Martec are equipped with tri-color LED technology. This type of lighting allows you to regulate the colour temperature of the light between warm, neutral or cold light via the remote control. In addition, Martec also offers fans with light that bring light into the room by placing an E27 LED bulb.

Ceiling fans without light

If you simply want to provide effective ventilation in the room, without the need for lighting, you can use ceiling fans without light. Ceiling fans with quality designs and silent motors, designed to be installed on the ceiling of living rooms and bedrooms.

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