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El Torrent. Design lighting from Spain

El Torrent is a company based in the pre-pyrenees of Girona, Spain, that relies on its natural environment to create innovative designs.

They create and manufacture indoor light that are perfectly suited to both public and private contract projects. It is currently present in more than 47 countries and, as they describe themselves, its mission is "To create the atmosphere of a space, combining the technical aspects of light and the art of decoration to obtain results of great equilibrium".

It is a brand that gives concrete answers to each project. Create lighting fixtures with art, genius and elegance for homes, hotels or companies all over the world.

El Torrent adapts to the client by hand finishing, with infinite possibilities of materials and artistic finishes, according to the characteristics of each project. All El Torrent lamps and lights are distinguished by the diversity of materials they use, such as eco-leather, vinyl, organza, silk, fabrics with a special design and avant-garde designs.

El Torrent. Lighting manufacturer from Spain

El Torrent lighting, made absolutely just in Spain, represents the Spanish spirit design. You can feel the vibrations, colours and the sun of Spain in each product. You can find Pendant Lights of big sizes in a Modern-classic style, with chic, for people who like luxury and simplicity.

To have and original floor light, wall light or a ceiling pendant light form this Brand is a must for people who appreciate top class interior designs. Its social responsibility is demonstrated by its collaboration with job placement centres for disabled people.

El torrent. Spanish design lighting

They are environmental responsible by adapting its products to low consumption light bulbs and manufactured with recycled products. At the moment we find several very interesting proposals, such as the ORGANIC models designed by Eloy Puig & Joan Genebat.

Precisely because of the way Eltorrent works, artisanal and handmade, all the lamps can be perfectly adapted to the needs of each project, being able to make their creations in different materials and colours with which they blend perfectly with the environment.

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