Downlight LED Extra flat 18W-6000ºK (white)
  • Downlight LED Extra flat 18W-6000ºK (white)
  • Downlight LED Extra flat 18W-6000ºK (white)
  • Downlight LED Extra flat 18W-6000ºK (white)
  • Downlight LED Extraplano 20W (blanco) - Wonderlamp

Downlight LED Extra flat 18W-6000ºK (white)

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Downlight LED extra flat square (18W). High luminous efficiency (1,590 lm) and cold white light (6000ºK). Finished in white colour. Instant On. With only 1cm thick. Perfect to replace in businesses, shops and for kitchen lighting. Homogeneous lighting with a consumption saving of 80%.

Lifespan: 30,000 hours.
Diameter: 22.5 cm. Thickness: 1 cm.

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Approximate date of delivery is between Tuesday 13 December 2022 and Wednesday 14 December 2022

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Recessed Light
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Downlight LED extra flat 20W -
- Brand:
- Light fixture for recessing in ceilings.
- LED Lighting 18W. (driver included)
- Light output: 1590ºK.
- Temperature: 6000ºK (cold light). Recommended for industrial or work areas.
- 120º opening angle.
- Voltage: 80-240V
- Driver Included.
- Instant On.
- Drill / Cut: 20 cm.
- Durability 30,000h.
- CRI>80
- IP20.
- A++
- Led lighting

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1.- Make the hole in the ceiling.
2.- Switch off the electricty before starting the installation. Plug driver cables into power cables. Operating voltage 220-240v. Make sure all connections are correct.
3.- Bend the side springs upward and insert them through the hole in the roof.
4.- Now you can turn on the light.


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