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Fan with light Aloha

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Fan Winche

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Ceiling Fans by Faro Barcelona

Faro Barcelona has propose you a selection of ceiling fans, that have a triple function, the first and main one, to cool the room, than lighting, and also very decorative.

Ceiling fans are your friends when you need a perfect wind chill. Ceiling fans cool the air without drying it out and are energy efficient as they consume between 20 and 60W, which means energy savings of up to 47% compared to air conditioning. The fans generate a constant movement of air that turns into a breeze capable to low the temperature of the room to 8ºC. Another strong argument to use fans is that they do not reduce ambient humidity or generate cold draughts, thus preventing colds and dry eyes and throat.

Ceiling Fan with lighting. Faro

Enjoy the Fans Collection from Faro Barcelna in The Fans with LED light are designed for large rooms and have 3 speeds. Some fans have a bluetooth speaker that allows you to play music from any mobile device.

A 6 speeds fan with DC motor that allows the customization of color and finish of the blades are JUST FAN and TUBE FAN.

Ceiling fans for summer or winter. Faro Barcelona

For instance, Fans are also for outdoor use, the WINCHE has IP44 (33481) which makes it ideal for porches and gardens, it´s DC motor works with 6 adjustable speeds, and fits into sloping roofs.

The fans COCOS with LED light and DC motor is efficient and multifunctional fan that can be used as the main light of the room.

Faro´s best-sellers fan - LANTAU-G has also a variation with pine blades and light, it is an elegant, with three blades, perfect for ventilating rooms from 17.6 m2.

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