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A Little Lovely Company, making the life lovely!

A Little Lovely Company was founded in 2014, in Netherlands, by two mothers, designers as profession, Judith de Ruijter and Nikki Hateley. The Company has the vision to transform the ordinary everyday home and kids rooms’ decorations into unique pieces with a personal and creative touch.

Lovely childrens' lamps and lighting fixtures

The products of the company are designed to create a sense of fun and happiness. Also, are affordable for a reasonable price with a WOW effect not only for the little ones but also for their parents. The company has more than 90 employees, and is providing in more than 3200 stores, agents and distributors worldwide, allowing you to buy by its online stores or brick stores.

Lamps for kids and girls

The Collection of the little lovely company includes series of popular LED night lights of different shapes, lightboxes, unique word banners, festoon lights, festive lights, strip lights, neon lights, lights and items for children’s rooms, and more seasonal home-decorations. You will be surprised of how similar is the Collection of Little nights lights in the shape of stars with the main character of the cartoon songs for going to sleep “Twinkle, twinkle, little star”.

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