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Console Tables

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  • Golden Console with LED light Aurea 27W (150x40)

    This beautiful table with LED light is designed to place foyers and passageways or to decorate one of the walls of the room. Aurea is the name of this spectacular table with two strips of LED placed on the inner bars of the structure. In this way, the light decoratively lights the room and objects close to the table, but without emitting a light that can...

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  • Console with LED light Aurea 27W (150x40)

    Console to place in foyers, halls and passageways of your home. This model from the collection Aurea has a modern minimalist structure, ideal to give an original touch thanks to its LED strips of light. This table with light is designed to give an extra touch of decoration to your home. You can place decorative objects on this table thanks to its tempered...

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  • Console Zig Zag (120x40)

    Modern console with an incredible decorative zipper in the central part of the board. This striking piece of forge black metal imitates a closed zipper and gives an original design to this table. This chest of drawers is very versatile being perfect to place in any space of your home. You can put it in the hall, an empty wall of the living room or even in...

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  • Console Sonoma (125x40)

    Sonoma glass console with wooden shelf. Its 10 mm thick glass allows you to place on it objects such as a vase or a table lamp that illuminates the room. It includes a Sonoma wood shelf that adds a decorative touch to the table as well as an extra practical surface. Thanks to its versatile design, this console is ideal for placing anywhere in your home.

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  • Console Milenia (120x40)

    Console Milenia designed to be placed in halls and foyers of houses. The top of this table is made of wood and includes three drawers that are very useful for storing objects such as keys. The rustic finish of the wood combined with the stainless steel of the structure makes this furniture ideal to create a cozy atmosphere in all types of rooms.

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  • Console Glass (90x40)

    Glass console with modern design. Its minimalist design, formed by a long sheet of tempered and curved glass, draws attention. Being transparent, this console will fit with the decoration in any corner of your home. The glass has a thickness of 12mm to place without problems decorative objects such as table lamps or vases.

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  • Console with LED light Moonlight 20W (120x40)

    Console from the collection Moonlight with decorative LED lighting. The LED strip is located on the inside of the fine lines that make up the polished stainless steel structure. The light is emitted through a white polycarbonate diffuser, making it ideal to decorate all types of rooms without damaging the view. 

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  • Console Glass II (120x40)

    Glass console from the collection Glass. Console table composed of two transparent curved glass panels and four legs made of wood lacquered in white. Its design is perfect for placing it in different points of the home glued to the wall. You can place it in the living room under a canvas or in the bedroom under a mirror. You can place objects on the top...

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  • Console Calima (120x38)

    Console Calima of modern design. Its original base designed with two figures in the shape of "C" each one in opposite direction calls the attention. The combination of a stainless steel structure with a tempered glass surface makes it ideal for placing anywhere in the home under pictures and mirrors.

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  • Console Barroque (128x48)

    Console from the collection Barroque for lounges, halls and living rooms. Made of stainless steel, this classic-style console will give an elegant touch to your room. On its shiny structure includes a tempered glass cover ideal for placing objects such as vases or photo frames.

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  • Console Artes (110x36)

    Console Artes of innovative design covered by several beveled mirrors. The piece in the central part acts as a storage drawer, providing a discreet and practical space to leave keys and other objects. This console will fit perfectly in modern style rooms along with other furniture in shades of gray and chrome.

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  • Console Antica (160x45)

    Console of the collection Antica of classic style. The elegant design of the polished steel pilasters harmoniously contrasts with the old ash wood that completes the console. This combination of materials makes it an ideal piece of furniture to place in foyers and halls with a classic decoration.

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