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  • Coffee Table Moonlight with decorative LED light (32W)

    LED coffee table from the collection Moonlight. This table emits a decorative LED light along the fine stainless steel lines that form its structure. The LED light is installed on the inside of the table, lighting the 10mm tempered glass top and the objects placed on it. Side table ideal to be placed in spacious living rooms and modern lounges.

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  • Coffee Table Milenia (140x80)

    Milenia coffee table with drawers for storing accessories. Rustic style design that combines a steel structure with a main part made of wood. Its dimensions are ideal for placing it in the centre of the living room in front of the sofa, using it to support magazines, remote controls and other everyday objects.

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  • Modern Coffee Table Glass III (110x55)

    Glass III coffee table made of a long curved transparent glass that gives rise to a modern style design. With a thickness of 12mm, the glass of this low table allows to place from the coffee to several stacked books. The original design of the table is completed with the useful magazine rack included in each of its sides.

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  • Coffee Table Zig Zag (120x60)

    Coffee table in ash wood with a very original modern design. Zig Zag is a collection designed to decorate your home with a style of its own, thanks to the forge-colored metal zipper that runs through the table by the center. The ash-finished wooden lid is ideal to combine with rustic living rooms or decorated with wooden furniture.

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  • Coffee Table Time (130x70)

    Coffe table Time with modern style. Highlights the original design of its structure based on wavy forms that intertwine. The structure is made of stainless steel and the lid is made of tempered glass with a thickness of 10mm. Table ideal for providing an auxiliary surface on which to support objects such as trays, coffee or remote control.

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  • Coffee Table Sonoma (110x55)

    Sonoma coffee table ideal for living rooms and spacious lounges. This Schuller furniture collection stands out for its harmonious combination of materials, joining transparent glass with Sonoma wood. The design of the table is completed with the practical shelf included on the inside, which offers an additional surface on which to place objects.

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  • Living Room Coffee Table Manhattan (120x60)

    Manhattan coffee table with transparent glass surface. The black forged iron structure combines decoratively with spruce wood legs. With a rustic design, this table will give an original touch in the center of your living room or dining room. The glass is 10 mm thick, allowing you to support everyday items without any problem.

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  • Coffee Table Glass II (110x55)

    Coffee table from the collection Glass to place in living rooms. Composed of two curved glass panels, this table offers two levels for placing objects. The transparent glass leaves the beech wood legs visible, which gives a very original touch to the design of the table. Remember that you can complete the decoration with other models from the collection...

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  • Living Room Table Dresde (140x80)

    Rustic Dresden living room table. The surface is of wood and in two of its corners it includes decorative metal plates finished in antique brass. Combined with the elegant black finish of its legs, this table is perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere by placing it in the centre of lounges and living rooms.

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  • Living Room Table Calima (130x70)

    Calima living room table with modern design. It has a rectangular steel base and two "C" figures on which the glass panel rests. The glass has polished edges and a thickness of 10mm, which allows to support utensils of daily life without any problem. Place this table in the centre of your living room to give it an original and decorative touch.

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  • Coffee Table Barroque (132x72)

    Baroque coffee table made of stainless steel. Low table of classic style designed to decorate the room at the same time that it brings an extra very practical surface. By placing it in the centre of your living room, you will be able to support coffee trays, magazines or place decorative figures on it.

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  • Coffee Table Arcadia (133x80)

    Modern coffee table Arcadia. Realized in polished stainless steel of high resistance, you could even sit serving as bench. Its abstract shape with multiple rounded edges on the sides of its structure enhance its modern design. You can place this table in the living room to support controls, magazines or other decorative elements that match the metallic...

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  • Coffee Table Antica (160x75)

    Antica coffee table designed to be placed in all types of halls and living rooms. The structure of the legs is made of polished steel, a material that when combined with ash wood creates an original style to decorate the room. The table is ideal as an auxiliary surface for remote control or coffee, as well as for decorative objects.

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  • Coffee Table Albina (140x70)

    Albina coffee table for use in salons and living rooms. Its original legs stand out, formed by three rectangular pieces joined together. The transparent glass surface leaves the old elm wood legs visible, giving this coffee table a very decorative touch.

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