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  • Side Table with wheels Glass (42x38)

    Side table with wheels Glass to place next to the sofa in living rooms and lounges. It is elaborated with a tempered glass of 10mm thick curved to create an innovative design. It has four small wheels that allow you to easily move the coffee table around the room, so you can easily move it away and closer to the sofa.

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  • Side Table Moonlight with LED light 18W (51x50)

    Moonlight side table with LED lighting for the living room. The LED strip that runs through the structure gives a decorative lighting to the surroundings and the objects placed on the glass. The diagonal piece that also has LED light, gives an original and modern touch to this side table. Place this table with light next to the sofa to support trays and...

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  • Modern Side Table Aros (45x45)

    Side table Aros of modern design. Shiny steel structure with an original design formed by two figures in the shape of ring. They are joined by the decorative mirrors included in the upper and lower part of the table. These mirrors are 6 mm thick, so you can easily place objects on both table surfaces.

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  • Golden Side Table Aros (45x45)

    Decorative side table from the collection Aros. Its modern design based on hoop-shaped figures is completed with the shiny gold finish of the structure. It has two practical surfaces for placing objects, both with a decorative glass mirror effect. This coffee table will be the centre of attention in the corner of your living room or dining room.

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  • Golden Side Table LED Moonlight (18W)

    Side table with LED lighting Moonlight. Finished in gold colour, this table with LED is designed to give a modern touch to lounges and dining rooms. Along its internal part includes an LED strip that emits a decorative light in the area surrounding the table. The LED light is emitted through a white opal diffuser designed not to disturb the view.

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  • Side Table with wheels Glass II (47x45)

    Side table Glass II with wheels made of 10 mm tempered transparent glass. The glass is designed in such a way that it offers two surfaces to place coffee, a book or any other object of daily life. In addition, its practical wheels will allow you to move the coffee table around the room in a simple way.

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  • 3 Pieces Nest of Tables Glass (42x42)

    Nest table with three independent pieces. This table from the Glass collection is very versatile, being able to go from one to three side tables in a moment. Perfect for small rooms or rooms where you want to save space. The largest piece is made of tempered glass for greater strength and that you can support decorative objects without problems.

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  • Modern Side Table Calima (60x60)

    Side table for coffee Calima. Steel base with a decorative "C" figure that characterizes this collection of Schuller furniture. Thanks to its square-shaped design, the table can be placed either next to the sofa or in a corner of the room in the form of a corner table. Perfect to decorate your living room and provide an auxiliary surface where to place...

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  • Modern Side Table Glass III (50x50)

    Side table with modern design Glass III. This coffee table presents an original design elaborated with a transparent curved glass of 12mm of width. At the bottom, includes a practical magazine rack in which to leave books and magazines to read in your spare time. Auxiliary table ideal to put next to sofas and armchairs.

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  • Side Table Glass II (57x40)

    Side table Glass II made of glass. The wooden legs, lacquered in white, contrast in a decorative way with the transparent glass that composes the table. Its compact size makes it perfect for use in the living room as well as in the bedroom as a bedside table. Its design offers two levels to place your accessories and decorative objects.

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  • Side Table Rodes with wheels

    Side table with wheels Rodes to place in the living room. Round glass lid with 8mm thickness to leave coffee or a book on it. Its chrome-plated metal structure includes two small wheels that allow the table to be moved around the room. In this way, you can easily move the table to bring it closer or further away as you need.

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  • Side Table Hadas (50x50)

    Side table Hadas made in steel with shiny finish. The lattice structure gives a different touch to this coffee table, perfect to decorate any corner of your living room. In its upper and lower part it has a 6mm thick circular glass to support different objects such as coffee or a book.

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  • Side Table Dueto (70x45)

    Decorative side table Dueto to place in living rooms. Made of chromed metal, this side table has a striking design ideal to decorate interiors of all kinds. In addition, it offers two practical circular surfaces to place decorative objects that enhance its modern style.

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  • Side Table Terna (40x40)

    Modern style side table Terna for living rooms and dining rooms. Round surface with a decorative silver-finished mirror glass top. Shiny stainless steel structure composed of three thin legs with a triangular design. Side table designed to be placed next to sofas and armchairs as an extra support surface for decorative objects.

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  • Coffee Table Paola (80x80)

    Coffee table from the Paola collection for living rooms. Matte black metal structure and porcelain surface with black marble finish. The top of the surface is designed with decorative brown streaks that complete the design of this coffee table. You can place this modern coffee table in the living room between the sofa and the TV.

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  • Side Table Paola (50x50)

    Decorative side table from the Paola collection. This side table is perfect to place next to a sofa or armchair. Round porcelain surface finished in black marble, perfect for supporting different objects such as coffee or a book. You can complete the decoration of your living room or dining room by combining this side table with the coffee table from the...

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  • Nest Coffee Table Dualis (81x81)

    Coffee table for living rooms and bedrooms. The Dualis coffee table has a smaller table underneath which it can be used as a side table. This way, you have two practical tables to place one in the center of the room and the other next to a sofa. The edge of the tables is decorated with faceted glass copens. The side table is placed under the coffee table.

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  • Side Table Sonoma (63x48)

    Side table made of glass and wood Sonoma. This modern style table offers two practical surfaces to place different objects on. The main structure is made of clear tempered glass 12mm thick, leaving the MDF shelf at the bottom visible. You can place this side table next to the sofa, glued to the wall or as a coffee table.

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