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Ceiling Flush Lights

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  • LED Flush Light Bilog (110W)

    LED ceiling flush light for professional lighting Bilog. The diameter of the flush light and its light output make it an ideal solution for lighting large interior spaces. If you are interested, ask us to convert the flush light into a ceiling lamp using a suspension kit. Ideal for hotel lobbies, offices and shops.Dimensions: Height 12.8 cm. Diameter 90 cm.

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  • LED Flush Light Bilog (48W)

    Round LED ceiling flush light Bilog for interior lighting. The ceiling light is available in two colour temperatures, with natural (4,000°K) or warm (3,000°K) LED light. Diameter of 60 cm and 48W LED lighting, designed to illuminate large interior spaces such as offices, halls and shops.Dimensions: Height 12.8 cm. Diameter 60 cm.

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  • LED Ceiling Flush Light Carme (25W)

    Round LED ceiling flush light Carme for interior lighting. Available in two colour temperatures, the Carme LED flush light stands out for its simple design. This makes it fit perfectly into all types of interiors, allowing it to illuminate everything from kitchens and bathrooms to offices, bars and shops.Dimensions: Height 5 cm. Diameter 38 cm.

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  • Ceiling Spotlight Java

    Ceiling spotlightt with tubular shape Java. Its white finish combined with its cylindrical shape make it a very practical solution for interior lighting. The light is projected directly downwards, ideal for lighting specific surfaces in homes and hotels. Even an entire room by installing several spotlights on the ceiling.Dimensions: Height 20 cm. Diameter...

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