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Delivery Information

Dear customer, here you will find more information about delivery costs.

Each time you add to your cart a product, the delivery costs appear automatically. The cost of the delivery can change according to the weight, volume of your order and the country of delivery.

Notice! The price of delivery can change after registering the destination of your order. The delivery costs for each country is different, please consult your final price for delivery in the shopping cart, after registering the country for shipment.

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Delivery Costs for EU countries

All the prices stated in our shop are inclusive of 21% of VAT. Please contact us in case you place an order of an EU registered company.

Delivery Costs for All countries

We do not apply VAT to shipments outside of the EU. Shipments to countries or islands outside of the EU are subject to the VAT and customs fees of the country of destination. For more information on these tariffs and import duties, click here; for the special case of Switzerland, click here. For more information about those costs please contact your customer service department.

Shipments made with

We ship with DHL, DPD, GLS, FedEx, TNT, Nacex and UPS. We want our products to be more accessible for our client, that’s why we always look for the best delivery costs and excellent service. The delivery costs include the DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) that means the products are delivered to your door, indicated in the shipment address. The parcel delivery company may vary from country to country.

In case you want to manage the shipment by yourself, we still have this opportunity. Please be so kind to contact us for further details.

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Lead times or Shipment delivery time

The delivery time can variate depending on the purchased brand. Every shopping cart contains the information concerning leading times. The lead times to prepare the product for sending can variate from 1 day to 30 days. For example a handmade chandelier made by Artesania Joalpa can be ready to ship in 20 labour days, and shipped in 5-7 labour days, depending on the country of delivery. On the other side a small ceiling fan of Wonderlamp brand is prepared for shipment and sent in one day, than delivered next day.

Countries we ship

Please take a look at the list of the countries we do deliver. For the countries that are not in the list, you have to contact us, and place your order with client’s support service. The shipment costs variates depends on the packaging weight of the product and the volumetric weigh of the packaging of the product. Your cost for shipment will appear automatically by adding to shopping cart. We want you to have less additional costs, that’s why for each order we opt for the best price and terms of delivery.

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