Bear LED Children's Night Lamp (Blue)
  • Bear LED Children's Night Lamp (Blue)
  • Bear LED Children's Night Lamp (Blue)
  • Bear LED Children's Night Lamp (Blue)

Bear LED Children's Night Lamp (Blue)

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Blue Bear-shaped children's lamp with RGB LED light. With a small tap the light of the bear will change color between 7 different types, allowing children to have fun while they feel safe at night. Made of soft silicone, it's easy for your kids to squeeze and grab. The light is dim and pleasing to the eye.

Dimensions: Height 16 cm. Length 11 cm.

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Approximate date of delivery is between Thursday 15 December 2022 and Friday 16 December 2022

Data sheet
F-Bright LED
Lamp type
Table lamp
Lighting by room
Height (Cm.)
Length (Cm.)
Lighting type
Built in
Voltage (V.)
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- Manufacturer: F-Bright
- Lighting: LED 0,4W (integrated)
- ON/OFF button
- USB charging port (cable included)
- Voltage: 5V
- Battery capacity: 1200mAh
- Battery life: Up to 15 hours.
- Material: Silicone

¿How do I use this children's lamp at night?

  1. Press the ON/OFF button to activate the warm light mode and press it a second time to turn it off.
  2. Tap the lamp when in warm light mode to activate the 7 different RGB colors, which change gradually every 3 seconds. Hit it again to set one of the colors. Tap again to turn off the lamp and leave it on standby. Repeat the process as many times as you want.
  3. Remember that when you turn off the lamp by hitting it, the lamp remains on standby. Press the ON/OFF button to turn off the lamp completely.

Battery performance of this children's lamp

It is recommended to fully charge the battery before using the lamp for the first time. It takes approximately 3 hours to fully charge the battery. You will know that the lamp is charging because its red LED blinks. When the lamp is charged, the LED light will stay on.

The battery lasts up to 15 hours in warm light mode and up to 12 hours in RGB mode.


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