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LED street lamp with removable solar panel (40W) Open full view


LED street lamp with removable solar panel (40W)


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LED street lamp with detachable photovoltaic solar panel. The solar panel can be purchased up to 5 meters from the streetlamp, which is perfect for illuminating shaded outdoor areas or trees that might hinder the loading of this solar streetlamp. It has 3 lighting modes, twilight sensor and PIR motion sensor. It includes remote control to control the modes. Autonomy of 3-7 nights.

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- Manufacturer: F-Bright
- Lighting: LED SMD 40W (integrated)
- Colour temperature: 6,000ºK (cold white light)
- Luminous flux: 4.000 lm.
- Dimensions: Height 33,93 cm. Length 27,94 cm. Width 9,1 cm.
- IP degree of protection: IP65 Suitable for outdoor areas.
- Li-on battery capacity: 10,000 mAh
- Battery Autonomy
            Constant lighting mode: 3 nights
            PIR sensor mode: 7 nights
            Constant lighting mode + PIR sensor: 5 nights
(Autonomy takes into account that the battery is 100% charged and that for example due to adverse weather, the panel does not charge the battery).
- Detection area: < 8 meters
- Detection angle: 120º.
- It includes remote control to choose the modes and turn on/off the lamp.
- Includes monocrystalline silicone solar panel: 23Wp.
- The panel has a connection cable 5 meters long.
- Temperature of use: (-20ºC) - (45ºC)
- Finish: Black.
- Material: Aluminium.

*It does not include the support of the lantern, the LED light and the solar panel are sold in addition to the sensors and connections.
**Install it tying it to a mast at a height of between 3-5 meters.

LED Streetlight Modes

This outdoor solar LED street lamp has three modes that can be changed with the included remote control::1. Constant lighting mode:

1. Constant lighting mode:
Turn on the light at 50% when it detects that it is getting dark and continues on until dawn.
2. PIR motion sensor mode:
The lamppost remains in a very dim light position. When it detects movement, it turns on at 100% to light the way. After 20 seconds without movement, it attenuates again to 3% of luminous intensity.
3. Constant lighting mode combined with PIR sensor:
Fusion of the two previous lighting modes. Lights at dusk with 50% power and lasts up to 5 hours on or until the battery is low (less than 30% charge), then automatically switches to PIR sensor mode and will only turn on if it detects movement.

Battery performance

Charging time approximately 8 hours in a place fully exposed to sunlight during the day.
Having a solar panel with the possibility of installing up to 5 meters from the streetlamp, it is advisable to place the panel in a clear area where it will receive sunlight during the maximum number of hours a day.
The battery has a duration of 3 nights of operation for the mode of constant illumination, if it is used the sensor mode PIR can last around 7 nights although it influences if it is turned on more or less times depending on the times that we approach the lamp. The last combined mode can last around 5 nights although it can also vary depending on how many times the motion sensor is turned on.

It is taken into account that the nights of autonomy are due to the fact that to start the battery was at 100% and the panel has not been able to charge the battery during the days due to some impediment such as low ambient lighting.

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