Why Made in Spain lights?

As we have already mentioned in the section About Us, Wonderlamp.shop is part of a fast growing company based in Spain that has more than 20 years of experience in this sector. The internationalisation of our Company brought us a broader vision for exporting lighting fixtures to the entire world, since we discovered our most powerful value – the quality, design and service we can offer through our most valuable products that are Made in Spain.

In this presentation we are not just numbering the argument why made in Spain, we want to share with you the journey, the experience, the adventure that is behind each products with the label Made in Spain. Just be prepare, maybe this journey will make you to discover some curious facts that you maybe know, but never reflected about it.

Buy lamps made in Spain

We start with the basic, Spain – the country surrounded by the Sea, in the West South of Europe, well known thanks to Spanish Football, Spanish wine and the pleasant chill out music in Ibiza, the Mediterranean style, the great amount of tourism that comes to Spain and of course the most important, the Sunny Days!

Spain is the Country with more than 320 days with sun per year, confirmed by a report of the Spanish National Meteorological Agency. Spain receives more hours of light – between 2,500 and 3,000 hours in an average year, compared to the 1,600 in countries such as the United Kingdom or Holland.

Spain is expert in lighting, people are used a lot to sunny days, and one day without sun for Spanish is a tragedy. This is one of the reasons for the Spanish Designers to be so inventive and innovative to keep the light in the most natural way to create lighting fixtures. This leaded to birth of the trendy labels like Made in Sunny Spain, Designed in Sunny Spain and Inspired in Sunny Spain!

Spanish lighting products and lifestyle

Another reason to choose a made in Spain product is the people. Spanish are benevolence with a constant positive attitude. They are literally radiate positivism, it is difficult to describe, but it seems to pervade you when you are among the Spaniards. Spanish people have one of the highest life expectancy in the world. We consider partially this is thanks to their relaxed attitude, less worries and a lot of positive energy

Spanish design lamps

History inspires systematically inspires Spanish designers. Spain is maritime state open to different cultures a large history, with influence of different cultures that brought a  mixture of styles in the local architecture, design and styles. The conservatism and deeply rooted religious traditions have allowed an ethnically diverse country not to lose its identity in its culture.

Brands that produce lighting devices in the classical style, recreated more than one original lamp of past eras. Specialists (and not only) can recognise in them oriental (Arab and Persian), African (Moroccan and Egyptian), ancient (Roman and Byzantine) motifs. Surprisingly, this mixture of style is characterised by one country, which in its history has become a "meeting point" for various cultural trends.

Barcelona lighting and lamps design

Made in Barcelona design – is one of the most popular in the world. Barcelona, as a city, is one of the most visited places in the world, for its design and beauty. This vibrant and breath-taking is generating brightest designers every year. They get inspired by lively, original and cosmopolitan city offering charming and unique lighting. This is the best ground for creating lighting with shapes and forms in clean and smooth, elegant and dramatic, casual and open-weave shades, graceful and timeless designs. It is important to mention the well know Light’s Festival of Barcelona, organised every year – is an explosion of creativity, fantasy and innovation in the lighting industry and art.

Mediterranean design and lighting style from Spain

Spain is the country with the highest number of pubs, restaurants and bars per square meter in Europe. There is a very high competition, that’s why the owners should be innovative not only with their Spanish gastronomy and drinks, but also with interior design. The lighting is a key element for a successful interior decor.

Artisanal lighting is handmade in Spain, environmentally friendly, use natural timber veneer to create diffused light with a warm, even glow, not only being functional for the home or office but also evoking emotion in the viewer.

Smart and Led lighting from Spain

The Spanish Lighting manufacturers are the initiators of the movement Lighting Europe that has the task to advocate the European production of lighting fixtures. They also promote the use of Smart lighting or Intelligent Lighting, which means advanced LED technology that permit us to control the intensity, temperature of colour, and also the installation of all types of sensors and software’s that brings us closer to the Industry 4. All the innovations in smart lighting bring us closer to the Human Centre Lighting that improves people's lives through good lighting. All the new products are thought to be installed rapidly, easily and safe.

Quality made in Europe. According to the Made-in-Country Index, a research made by Statista, in 2017, the qualities with which Spanish products are associated are (in a decedent order): good value for money quality, high quality, excellent design, uniqueness, fair trade production, authenticity, advanced technology, high security standards, status symbol and sustainability. As you can see, Spanish products are appreciated mainly for its quality and design. The European Union has one of the highest standards for production that’s are fully respected and followed by every Spanish Manufacturer. Each lighting item production receives certificates of quality before going to the market.

Spanish lighting brands designs

Except unique and incomparable design, the attributes of Lighting from Spain are: Quality, service and guarantee. Spanish lighting brands are offering very good designs and offering very good service, making reference to the Spanish brands that have all their manufacturing processes the country, to differentiate them from companies that directly import products and leave aside the manufacturing processes. In many cases, these lamps and creations have austere shapes, lamps that generate beautiful light and precious decorative effects. Those are perfect execution, impeccable in every project.

For this reason, Spanish Brands work with designers of renowned prestige and young designs, to constantly innovate and surprise, to excite and accompany. They offer the customer the advantages of a nearby manufacturer that allows the final product to be adapted to the most suitable finishes for each project in an easy and uncomplicated way, opening up the range to the taste of each customer. Spanish brands have a high technical exigence and responsibility for the product’s quality. The lighting products are produces with guarantees.

Wonderlamp.shop is working with Spanish lighting brands that have the possibility to personalise the products, being able to adapt to the orders of our clients in very acceptable terms.

The Lighting from Spain Brands is the references in their sector as leading manufacturers with differentiating and trendy designs. Internationally recognised and awarded in various professional forums. Ambassadors of the brand Spain at international level respond to us diligently to give the best service to our customers.

To order first-class fixtures from Spanish manufacturers, it's enough to get acquainted with the online catalogue and place an order. Consult us, if necessary, we will answer all questions and help you to navigate in a huge assortment. Lighting devices of manufacturers from Spain, photos of which are available at any time, are worthy to become a part of your interior and pleasing the eye with its uniqueness.

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